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NAME : Dr. Hillel Gilles Wust-Bloch
Phone Number : 00-972-3-6405475
Fax Number : 00-972-3-6409282
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Room Number : 216 A , Bldg : Kaplun
Research Topics - תחומי מחקר
NANOSEISMOLOGY: Aftershock and Nano-Aftershock Investigations, Monitoring Subsurface Material Failures in Unconsolidated Media

PORTABLE SEISMIC ARRAYS: Cavitation and Sinkhole Activity Detection, Aftershock Monitoring, Test-Blast Monitoring (CTBTO), Forensic Seismology

EARTHQUAKE SEISMOLOGY: Wave-Guiding and Tectonics, Waveform Modeling in Dead Sea Basin




Publications - פרסומים
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